Sha – the main chef – has over five year’s of quality experience working in Hyatt Hotels and ten years of running her own restaurant named Himalayan Sherpa in Richmond. Her cooking is inspired by her mother and she aims to create the best catering experience. She has even won a silver medal in Restaurant of the Champions competition organised by Australian Western Culinary Association of Australia.

There are some of the achievements and recognisation received by Himalayan Sherpa Restaurant.

The Age Cheap Eats 2012:

Warm, gentle lighting, the aroma of simmering spices… even Hillary and Tenzing might have made a detour had this relaxing environment been around back then. ‘Secret’ spice blends make entrees so much more than potato and minced lamb croquettes. Dumplings are satisfyingly plump with steamed chicken (veg option available) … home-made pistachio ice-cream scales new heights in flavour and texture … writes

Urban Spoon rating of 92%

Trip Advisor rating 4.5 out of 5 

Eatability rating 8.4 out of 10.

All this rating signifies that Himalayan Sherpa has gained a solid reputation for having quality food and a commitment to customer service.

Cafe Culture with DONNA COUTTS:

The cumbersomely named Himalayan Sherpa Nepalese Curry may look like all the rest but its curries are excellent. This column is not the only requied reading. The menu is one of those bound, multi-page numbers that gets you in trouble with the waiters when you’re too busy gasbagging to wade through the pages.

Cheap Eats 2008:

In need of a little serenity? Let this Sherpa carry your load. With Buddha in the corner, attentive service, calm music and mellow lighting, this low altitude, Himalayan vibe is better than a trip to an ashram. Authentic Nepalese flavours, with spice combos (some secret) ground for each dish, make for a table-full of distinctive curries: spring lamb with pumpkin, cumin and coriander; cinnamon-spiced chicken butter cream; or the meaty goat saag speciality with spinach. Finish with a silky mango lassi or sweet, cardamom-flavoured gulab jamun and your new mantra could be ‘ Om, Himalayan Sherpa, Om.’

Cheap Eats 2007:

The peace talks collapsed, your boss continues to harangue you and you’ve just received your 14th ‘erectile dysfunction’ email of the day. It’s time to recuperate in a cosy spot with soul-warming sustenance. Enter, Himalayan Sherpa. The decor is muted, the music serene and the service attentive. Luxurious, comforting food includes spice-rich curries, roti fresh off the griddle and a top vego range with dishes like yellow lentils simmered with cumin seeds and potato patties slow-cooked in a saucy curry and topped with cashews. It’d transform even the most aggressive advertising exec into a bourgeios bohemain.